Unbridled Greed

When a major fraud investigation is thwarted by politics and bribes, Bryan Hampton, an investigator for the Department of Justice, tires of fighting corruption and cronyism in Chicago. He transfers to Las Vegas, to work with Paul Dixon, a former college friend who was recently appointed to be the U.S. Attorney for the Nevada District. Dixon has vowed to aggressively fight health care fraud and abuse, which victimizes untold numbers of unsuspecting patients and robs all Americans of hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Hampton and Dixon team up with two private sector organizations and by using sophisticated new software tools, massive data resources, and traditional investigative efforts, they uncover a highly organized fraud scheme, swindling insurers of millions of dollars every month. What they don't realize, until it's too late, is the extent of the brutality and violence the criminals are willing to risk, in order to feed their greed.