Barry Johnson

Author Barry Johnson, a leading and sought after expert in the field of health care fraud prevention, delivers a pulse-racing thriller that will leave readers wondering where fact ends and fiction begins. Resplendent with action that careens from the mean streets of Chicago to the dark alleyways of Las Vegas, Unbridled Greed marks the advent of a dynamic new thriller series.

A native of Las Vegas, Dr. Barry L. Johnson was a founding partner, President and CEO of HealthCare Insight (HCI), a health care fraud and abuse detection and prevention organization for 15 years. Prior to founding HCI, Johnson worked in medical software and database development with Medical Data Research and Medicode where he was a senior vice president. Johnson earned his D.D.S. at Northwestern University School of Dentistry and a B.S. at the University of Utah. He and his wife Joyce have 5 married children and 15 grandchildren. They live in Utah. Johnson is currently at work on the second thriller in the series, Deliberate Misdirection.