A sizzling debut thriller that exposes the seamy and
unscrupulous world of health care fraud.

A tough, tenacious DOJ Chicago investigator, Bryan Hampton is hot on the trail of Dr. Hugh Patterson, a greedy and calculating Illinois physician suspected of insurance fraud. But when this major medical fraud investigation is suddenly and shockingly derailed by politics, greed and bribes, Hampton decides he's had enough of Chicago's dirty politics and cronyism—let alone fighting corruption on both sides—and transfers to Las Vegas.

Now teamed with Paul Dixon, a former college classmate and newly appointed U.S. Attorney for the Nevada District, Hampton and Dixon unite with a common goal: aggressively fighting the health care fraud and abuse that victimizes countless patients and robs Americans of hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Joining forces with private sector groups that have sophisticated resources at their disposal, Dixon, Hampton and their team uncover a massive fraud scheme operating beneath the bright lights and in the dark corners of Sin City.

Infiltrating this highly organized and highly dangerous band of fraudsters will mean probing a ruthless and deadly group who will stop at nothing—violence, torture and even murder—to feed the greed that fuels this massive scam.

In the midst of his methodical and meticulous investigation, Hampton is swept up in a burgeoning attraction between he and a beautiful young coworker, Charlie Cruz. But as the investigation proceeds, it becomes clear that someone on the inside might be playing both sides. No one can be trusted, and as the danger escalates, Hampton will soon realize the inherent perils of fighting this good fight. This could be the fight of his life—or if he's not carful, it might just be the fight for his life.